Analysis Paralysis

Frances Kweller, CEO, Kweller Prep

Analysis Paralysis

When women have an idea to start a business, most suffer from “analysis paralysis” which means they analyze their business idea over and over until it ultimately prevents them from moving forward with the idea. For example, when a woman has a good idea for a business venture she tends to consult with family and friends, and listen to advice from people who may not​understand the subject or business at hand, or have any experience in this area. Most men, on the other hand, have an idea, take the initiative and just do it. Women tend to “talk it over” too much and this just makes them lose momentum.

If a woman has an idea she should execute it quickly. Even if the plan is not completely together but feels right in their gut, they need to begin to move forward with their idea otherwise, after consulting with others, they'll focus on the risks rather than the rewards, and will fail to launch the business.  Once momentum is lost the business venture would likely become a really cool idea they ​once had.​

My advice to female entrepreneurs is not to analyze but to execute. Something in their gut has told them it's a good idea to begin with so they should not consult, they should just execute and bring their vision to life. Once 10% of that vision is alive they will start to realize 20% and 30% of their vision. Women should always trust their gut and their instincts. Ultimately, no one else’s name or reputation is attached to the business and they are the ones who need to take charge of executing their business ideas. If they delay they will be paralyzed. They should not spend time over-processing everything. They need to take action immediately before "cold feet" sets in. 

About Frances Kweller

Frances Kweller is an education and testing standards expert, and the CEO and founder of Kweller Prep, a specialized high school and college preparatory center that offers customized tutoring, test preparation, mentorship, support and guidance for students predominately in grades 6-12.  Kweller started as a tutor for ten years before opening her own office. She graduated from New York University's Steinhardt School of Education and Hofstra University School of Law.  She is both a practicing attorney and lifelong educator. Check out her website