Are You Hijacking Your Negotiation?

William Ury

William Ury is one of the world’s leading experts on negotiation. He is the co-founder of the Harvard Negotiation Project. and author of a worldwide bestseller in 34 languages with 12 million copies sold - the book titled "Getting to Yes". The National Institute on Dispute Resolution calls it by far the most impactful book on negotiation. Ury has spent well over three decades, as a negotiation advisor and mediator in conflicts across the globe from board rooms to ethnic wars and labor unions to governments dealing with head of states and corporations. He served as a consultant to the Crisis Management Center at the White House and co-founded the International Negotiation Network with Jimmy Carter. Ury has also taught negotiation and mediation to tens of thousands of people from all walks of life. Trained as a social anthropologist at Harvard, Ury has carried out his research on negotiation not only in the boardroom and at the bargaining table, but also among the Bushmen of the Kalahari and the clan warriors of New Guinea. The key to becoming a great negotiator according to Ury is to first understand that you are your own worst enemy, so how can you prevent yourself from hijacking your own negotiation efforts? To know more, ladies and gentleman, let’s welcome William Ury on our show today.