Create Your Future… Starting NOW!

Gary Douglas

Create Your Future… Starting NOW!

When I first started out in business, I didn’t have any money – not anything! I was struggling. I was TRYING to create money. I was TRYING to be successful. Not succeeding; just trying.

I had always been of the opinion that “someday I’ll get” or “someday I’ll have” and then I came across the book entitled The Penny Capitalist by James J. Hester. Hester’s point of view was not “someday I’ll have.” His point of view was, start today with what you’ve got to create the future you want.

What most people are interested in is feeling good about the moment and they forget to create a future. That’s the one mistake I see most people make – they create for now, but not for future. They’ll spend money on coffee or on going out to eat, all kinds of stuff.  But they won’t spend money on creating their future and you’ve got to spend money to create future. If you don’t create for the future, when you get to the future, you don’t have one.

Reading through Penny Capitalist, my point of view began to change. I began to look at not just having money to spend, but about creating a future that was greater. It showed me that you need to start using whatever you have at the level you are to create a wealth that’s greater than what you currently have. It inspired me to realize that if I had $10, I could spend $2 or $3 of that to get something that’s worth more, rather than just getting a cup of coffee to make myself feel better.

I came out of having the trying to feel good mentality and the sense that I made myself feel ok for the moment and moved into the place of, “How can I spend my money to create more money? How can everything I buy be a creation of my future? How can I now function in the world with money and create a possibility that hasn’t existed before?”I recognized that I’ve got to look at everything and ask, “Ok. What am I going to create with this? If I buy this, how is it going to contribute to my future?”

Looking back over my life, as I was growing up, I could see beautiful things. I had family members that had beautiful things and antiques. So I could see that things had value based on the fact that they were old. I could see they had value based on the workmanship of them. But I couldn’t afford any of those things they had. I was living on $1500 a month. They were living on $15,000 a month. So I started looking at, “How can I use my money so I can have a future like that?”  I went to garage sales, swap meets, estate sales, stuff like that. I started with that. I started spending 10 bucks. Then I got to the point that I could spend 50 bucks, 100 bucks, 500 bucks and on up to 1,000. Today I have close to 5 million dollars of antiques.

In the area of business as well, I’m always making sure that what’ I’m doing is creating a future for myself and the people I’m working with.

If I’m going to sell a product I have to make sure that that product is designed to create a sense of wealth in the people who are buying it – a sense of the wealth that’s possible. And it should create more possibilities for them… not less. If it doesn’t, then I think I’m heading in the wrong direction.

All in all, the Penny Capitalist has been a tremendous contribution to the creation of my business, my life and my living. Recognizing that it doesn’t matter how much money you have right now. It’s not about hoping that someday things will change. It IS about using what you have to create more. If you are waiting for some event to take place in order to begin to create a future you desire, you will be waiting a long time. There is nothing you are waiting for; no matter what your current situation may be. The message of the Penny Capitalist is to create your future starting now!

About the Author

Gary Douglas (right; with James Hester) used his degree in psychology towards the founding of Access Consciousness. He has grown his company to 49 countries with over 2000 facilitators. A businessman of great magnitude, Gary has authored numerous books including, Money Is Not the Problem You Are and also Right Riches for You. Gary travels the world sharing his expertise and is a frequent TV and radio show guest, and has been featured in various publications such as,, Marvelous Girl, Morning Show (NZ) Body and Soul, Empower Magazine, Voice of America, Playboy Radio and Dr. Pat Show, to name a few. This father of four children avidly rides wild stallions and says life is just beginning.