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EQ Related
So your boss screams at you that she sent you an email and you did not do what she needed done.  While, you know this issues was important that it be resolved in a timely fashion there was nothing you could do because you were in the middle of another important meeting that she sent you to and you never got the message on time.

Technically you can scream back at her and tell her that she is screaming for no good reason.  Had you got the message you would have obviously taken care and if it was so important she should have ensured that the message was received, else gotten it done herself rather than make the assumption.

This is not a very unlikely scenario at work and at home.

My wife calls me on the phone and starts yelling that I did not listen to her as I walked into the house and closed the garage on her, while she was in the car telling me not to close.  We get into an argument.  I obviously did not hear her else why would I close.  This sets the tone for the rest of the day.

I understand that that her garage opener failed to work and that delayed her.  However, I could have done nothing about it.

All she had to do was to call and ask me nicely to open the garage and I would have done it.  This could have been a pleasant experience of asking for help and giving help.  Asking and giving help is usually a positive experience of sharing.

Venting out frustration in anger is never a good idea.  Think before you speak.

Calm down. There is never any place for yelling in a civilized society.