Yawn. Sales listless? Rally the troops!

Kevin P. Glynn, Lighthouse Strategic Partners

Yawn. Sales listless? Rally the troops!

As the business owner and often lead sales producer are you just not enthused anymore?  Is your sales force coming up with more excuses than sales?

Bugle call!  Perhaps it is now time to start retraining and motivating you and your sales force. The past several years have been difficult for most businesses. Many companies are just now beginning to emerge with the current economic improvements. Is it time to reengage and become more aggressive as sales people?

Let's face it.  A lot of businesses have been trying to hold onto the business that they have. Of course you have been on the lookout for new opportunities, but there were plenty of reasons why companies were not making their numbers.

Now there seems to be a moderate recovery under way. Most companies’ bottom lines are improving, but are their sales people being as aggressive as they should be? Old habits are hard to break.

Some non-sales professionals have great product and service knowledge, but no concept of following a sales process. Some experienced salespeople rely too much on inherent skill. Not everyone will become a sales champion, but most can be taught the skills and tools to succeed.  With sales tracking and accountability, results will tell the tale. Some soar, others may need to be reassigned to other departments.

Hiring new sales people can also be a dicey process.  A smooth talker with claims of previous conquests is not necessarily the real deal. Testing, references and multi-interviews are highly recommended.

Some initial considerations. What past customers should we target? What new niches can we explore?  What incentives can we offer to motivate customers – free trials, add-ons, discounts, combination packages?

Complacency can be difficult to overcome. Taking risks, tracking the numbers, and managing for profit might be a skill that needs to be relearned.

Investment in training has been limited for the last few years for many companies. So, if you are not getting the results from your sales force, if you are not seeing aggressive lead generation activity, and if you are having trouble getting your sales people to report on their activities, then get them back into training, get them excited about the possibilities, and find a strong coach to help you get the traction you deserve in your business.

About the Author

Kevin P. Glynn and wife Valerie Glynn manage Lighthouse Strategic Partners.  Kevin received a B.S. in Marketing from Babson College and an MBA from Northeastern University.

Kevin is the author of “Learn to Fly”, new guide book which helps family and other small and mid-sized businesses with controlled growth and profitability.  The book is offered free to the business public.  The book can be hand delivered by the author along with a complimentary 90 minute business audit. If shipment is preferred, a $4 postal fee is required.

Lighthouse maintains offices at 9 Clayton Road, Middleborough, MA.  For more information or to obtain a free book, please call (508) 946-2655, or email Info@LightHouseStrategicPartners.com.