Dr. Khalsa of Harvard Medical School on the Science Behind Yoga

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Dr. Khalsa of Harvard Medical School on the Science Behind Yoga

It is my distinct pleasure to bring to you one of the most prominent yoga researchers in the world - Dr. Khalsa from the Harvard Medical School.

Yoga is not like the other alternative medicine/therapies that have been debunked by many academics. Dr. Khalsa is a yoga practitioner and a researcher. That may lead some among us to think of possible biases in his work, but those familiar with the academic world can tell you that this is really not possible in this type of investigation.

Listening to him you will realize that yoga is not just a routine. It does have almost magical benefits as you will recognize by the end of the conversation. Indeed all of it is not yet validated but there is enough evidence for anybody to get started and literally transform one's life - physically, mentally, and emotionally - you do indeed become a better person with the yoga lifestyle.

If you need scientific validation before you can be convinced for getting onto the yoga mat, or to meditate, please take time to view this video. After listening to Dr.Khalsa, there will be little doubt that yoga practice is more powerful than any other regimen. How much it can change your life remains to be understood properly but it is clear that yoga needs to be a part of our daily rituals just like brushing and bathing.