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Published by The 8020Strategy Group, the magazine is complementary to the highly successful CEO Show and brings highly focused topics in every issue that Entrepreneurs and Executives can readily benefit from in managing growth.

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How does a CEO create a culture of joy?

Richard Sheridan, CEO, Menlo Innovations

Small Business

Five Predictions for Equity Crowdfunding in 2014

Judd Hollas, Founder & Chief Inventor, EquityNet

Small Business

Tips for Business Growth in 2014

Nell Merlino, CEO of Count Me In


Retaining Great Talent

Kim Shepherd, CEO, Decision Toolbox


Closing Out The Competition

Nikolaus Kimla, CEO, Pipeliner Sales Inc.

Small Business

Losing Customers? Time to Examine Your Compensation Plan!

Shelley F. Hall, Managing Director, Catalytic Management