Yoga Guru Vish Iyer, on Yoga for Executives, Part 1

Vish Iyer,

Vishwanath "Vish” Iyer is a Yoga Master and author of the bestselling book, YOGA + LOVE. He hails from a 7,000-year lineage of Vedic Yoga masters. He was supposed to be a software consultant who practiced Yoga in his spare time, as the latter stems from his family tradition of Vedic scholars. As one of the world’s foremost leading Yoga media experts and thought leaders, he is further recognized as a combination of Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins. A captivating public speaker, Vish enjoys teaching techniques of yoga breathing, mantra and meditation. His first feature as a lead actor in Hollywood is releasing soon. To learn more about Vish and YOGA + LOVE, visit: