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The Ripple Affect: Why Personal Safety Is Vital For CEO’S & Entrepreneurs

by Guest Writter

Today’s top executives and successful entrepreneurs are focusing more and more on health and wellness to perform optimally but there is one vital responsibility that comes with great success and power that most people take for granted, their own personal safety.

Often times we are so caught up in the daily grind of our hectic lives and schedules that we don’t even give a second thought to the personal security of our family or ourselves.  It’s usually not until we have an emotional attachment to a situation that we even take notice or action, by then it is too late because the damage has already been done.

Attackers choose their victims. The more wealth, success or publicity we acquire the greater the odds are that someone is going to target us or our family members.  An attacker operates on simplicity, they want a few things from you, either your money or property for their financial gain, to inflict harm on you for your personal property or to take your life for some reason or another.

While nothing can take the place of live training here are 3 critical tips to help increase your personal security.

1.  It’s All About Awareness

When it comes to keeping you safe, awareness, threat recognition and body language should compromise the majority of your personal security plan.

Having awareness is keeping your vision broad and external for people, places or things that may cause concern for your safety. It’s not about being paranoid that someone is going to jump out of the bushes everywhere you go. It’s about just being aware of your surroundings and not having critical focus on a cell phone, book, Tablet, IPod, etc. It’s about having confident body language and telling your attacker that you are aware of where you are and the people around you.

Threat recognition is to know and identify things that could cause potential harm to you physically or mentally. This could be a change in a person’s behavior or better yet listening to your personal security system, which is your intuition. That nagging feeling in your stomach, that voice that keeps telling you something isn’t right. This means a threat has been recognized and you should take the appropriate action immediately.

Most of the time if you can spot a potential problem ahead of time then you can avoid and escape. The best self protection is avoiding or escaping situations that pose a potential risk to your safety.

2. Performance Enhancement 24/7

This is probably the most important performance enhancement coach you will ever have available to you at any given moment. Your, “why” is your motivation to prevail against violence.

You must have a purpose, something you are passionate about, a reason to prevail and win at all costs. For some people it might be their children, for some it could be a spouse. Whatever it is, you must think about something so dear to you that it causes you to switch from being the prey to the predator in a split second.

Remember this, if something happens to you it is a ripple effect that affects everyone who loves you.  It’s not just you!  You have one life to live so you better insure it with the knowledge to help keep you safe.

3.  Simplicity is Key- When it comes to personal safety and getting you home safely to your friends and family you have to have a protective system that incorporates simple gross motor tools and principles that help you cope under impact, pressure and stress.

As heart rate increases because of stress your ability to produce a fine or complex motor skill diminishes very quickly such as with most martial art techniques people learn today. Gross motor movements are accessible no-matter how high your heart rate goes and should be the basis of your self protection system.  Fine motor skills and techniques will not work when your heart is racing and seconds matter.

You may not know the exact time, the setting or how you will be attacked but you can be sure if your protective system is behaviorally based off of what your body does subconsciously you will have the deck stacked in your favor to help you prevail against violence.

Don’t be fooled, simple and basic will help get you home safe and keep you alive!

About the Author

Matt Tamas is President of Infuze360, a Mobile Personal Security Consulting Firm in Boston, Massachusetts that specializes in teaching Personal Safety and Self Protection exclusively for Celebrities, CEO’s, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Pro Athletes, Public Figures, Government Officials, High Net Worth Individuals & Families.

For more information visit www.infuze360consulting.com

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