Leadership Transformation for 2014

Diane Cashin

Leadership Transformation for 2014

Leveraging Corporate Strategies to Achieve Your Personal & Professional Goals! 

No More Resolutions….It’s about Your Plan!

It’s that time of year again -- time to make New Year’s resolutions!  According to StatisticsBrain.com,1 62% of us will make a resolution and only 8% of us will succeed!   It’s no wonder that with such a low success rate that 38% of the population never make New Year’s Resolutions. 

As a businesswoman and executive coach, these statistics fascinate me!  What would happen if only 8% of businesses achieve their goals?  Our country and the economy would be disastrous!  So what is it that businesses do to ensure their success that individuals do not? 

Here’s how you can leverage techniques used by successful businesses and incorporate these techniques to achieve your personal & professional goals!   Before January 1st, you are going to create Your 2014 Life Transformation Plan!   It includes: Your Personal Vision and Mission Statements; a list of goals, dreams and experiences you want to create; a detailed strategic and tactical plan; and the support structures to ensure your success!   NO MORE RESOLUTIONS!

My 2014 Personal & Professional Transformation Plan:

1.     Who Are You?

~ Make a List of Things You Love:

  • What are your innate gifts and talents that bring you peace, joy and happiness. Ask others what they see in you.
  • What activities & experiences do you want to create more of in your life?

~ Make a List of Things You Loathe:

  • What makes you angry, sad, disappointed, frustrated or fearful?
  • What activities & experiences do you want less of in your life?

2.     Write Personal Vision & Mission Statements for 2014. 

~ Vision:    Who are you? What you want to create over 3 years. 

~ Mission:  Who are you? What you want to create with 12 months.

3.     Create an Unstoppable Strategic & Tactical Plans: 

~ List 3-5 goals or projects you want to create.  A few places to consider:

Personal Life | Relationships (Family, Partner & Self) | Health and Well-Being | Profession or Career | Hobbies | Travel |Education | Finances |

~ Write a letter from your “Future-Successful Self “with great detail about what it is like having achieved it!2

~ Create the detailed tactical plan and structure to achieve it.

  • Create Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound (SMART) details for each goal.3
  • Includes rewards for each milestone achieved.  Celebrate small successes!
  • What resources do you need to ensure your success? (People, Finance, Tools, etc.)
  • Tell everyone what you are creating in your life.  Don’t keep it a secret! 

~ Structure for Success:  Your Winning Team:  (Identify a person(s) for each)

  1. Breakdown Support. (Plan on it happening and have your support team with you!)
  2. Accountability.  (Someone who won’t let you fail.)
  3. Love, Encouragement and Acknowledgment. (Get lots of this everyday!)
  4. Celebration/Rewards. (Celebrate small accomplishments!  Share with everyone!)

Print out your 2014 Life Transformation Plan.  Review it weekly and make adjustments to accommodate life’s surprises and unexpected opportunities.  Be Unstoppable in 2014 and Always!