Using Technology to Share Knowledge

Cynthia Kay

Using Technology to Share Knowledge

In my last post, I offered some ideas about why you should share your knowledge and some tips to help you decide what to share. It is one thing to have great content and quite another to find ways to distribute that content. There are so many outlets and each one has its advantages and disadvantages.  So let’s look at a few of the options.

Blogs are a great way to share information but it is getting more and more and more difficult to drive traffic to them. If you use some of the blogging tools like Wordtracker you can boost your ability to share the knowledge. There is a cost but you can try it for free and see for yourself if there is value.  Check it out at .   There are also other tools similar to this one that provide valuable information.  One of the things that I try to do is comment on other people’s LinkedIn posts or blogs. This is a good way to get noticed and share information.

Another way to share content is through a newsletter. Not the old traditional kind but electronically. It is even better if you have video as an element. We send out quarterly video newsletters to a targeted list.  We make it easy to share that newsletter so that the content gets passed on. We also try to have downloadable PDFs where we can share Tips and Tricks, checklists and infographics. These can take a bit of time to create, but they build your reputation. These newsletters “live” on our website after they have been sent to our distribution list. To see some examples go to is a great example.

We also share our knowledge by posting to YouTube and Vimeo. Why both? People often prefer one site over another.  Rumor has it you’ll find more “artistic” content on Vimeo, as opposed to YouTube’s plethora of “cats doing things” videos, but YouTube wins when it comes to number of active users. Plus, it’s always important to be everywhere. Whenever we share knowledge we use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to alert our “community” that we have new content to share. There are tons of tools that can help coordinate the social media management. Probably the most common tool is HootSuite and it is free.

Technology is always moving ahead. Some people are using Vine to tell their stories. One of the things that make this platform unique is the same thing that makes its use a challenge – users are limited to a mere 6 seconds per post. However, brands big and small are starting to take notice of this method of knowledge sharing – check out this great list on Mashable for some impressive examples. Once known solely for photo sharing, Instagram now let’s you upload videos, although again, the length is very limited.

So, should you use every technology and outlet available to share your knowledge? Maybe. Maybe not – it all depends on what you have to share. Some outlets are really more for personal use and others for business use.  And, the technology tools are always changing so if you decide to get in the game you will need to keep up to date.

OR… you could just use good old fashioned print pieces to share the knowledge.