Mitch Cohen Vice Chairman PwC on Self Made Billionaires

Mitch Cohen

As the Vice President of PwC, Mitch Cohen has had access to and worked with some very successful people. So we are fortunate that he decided to do a book length study of that wonderful species called entrepreneurs. What's so special about that you may ask as there is no dearth of such studies? But there is a difference here, a major one, as Mitch has focused his attention on the true entrepreneurs, the ones who have taken their lives from zero to billions. You may call them the blue blooded entrepreneurs, as they represent the epitome of entrepreneurship. They are the self-made billionaires. Mitch studied them and compared them with other entrepreneurs and found stark differences. We need to listen to what he says as his insights are remarkable. While many things cannot be copied, these insights would help anyone improve their performance. Watch the interview for more!