Achieve Business Goals with Customer Service DNA

May McCarthy, Author, The Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance

Achieve Business Goals with Customer Service DNA

Companies can differentiate themselves from others and gain market share by incorporating customer service DNA into their mission. To create an environment of customer service DNA, you need to partner with your stakeholders—namely employees, customers, suppliers, and your world—to help them succeed. In doing so, you will have a much easier time exceeding your goals to become a profitable company. How do you get your stakeholders to buy into this concept?

I co-founded a software and equipment company that was in the healthcare IT sector, and our competition included some of the largest companies on the Fortune 500. Some of the ideas we implemented successfully are outlined below.

  1. Commit to the idea that you can serve all of the stakeholders with the highest level of customer service.  Become an investor in your company and serve all of your stakeholders with excellence in a manner that you would like to be served.
  2. Engage your employees and let them know that each employee’s job is to “work toward the success of his or her coworkers, customers, suppliers, vendors and the world.” You can print this job description on cards for all of them to keep in their wallets and assure them that if they do their jobs, they will receive success in return. Each quarter, give them an inspirational book along with a bonus based on profitability to reinforce this idea.
  3. Treat your customers as partners and convey your desire to serve them so they can achieve their goals. Explain that you need your customers to help you to remain financially viable so that you can provide excellent products with the highest levels of customer service.  Determine what payment terms you need from your customers in advance and show them how their support helps you to remain sustainable to serve them well to achieve their goals.
  4. Build a loyal relationship with your suppliers and serve them as valuable partners who you want to be successful. Use part of any customer prepayments to enable your suppliers to be healthy financially so they can take greater care in the design and delivery of their products and services. Their creativity and care will enhance your customers’ user experience.
  5. Encourage all of your employees to maintain a conscious awareness of how to help each of your stakeholders’ customers, the communities they served, and the world in which you live. Look for ways to support stakeholders’ local charities, reduce adverse effects on the environment, and create opportunities for your stakeholders to achieve their goals for savings on energy, time and costs to obtain and use your products and services.

By implementing Customer Service DNA into your organization, many tangible positive results will be evident.

We all get to have free will and choose how we relate to everyone in the business world. When you recognize that in helping your partner-stakeholders with their mission you are going to be helped in return, you can become more creative and satisfied while achieving more of your goals for success and profits. Who could you begin helping today?

About the Author

May McCarthy has cofounded and helped to grow six successful companies over her thirty-two-year career, with the largest growing to over $100 million in annual revenues. She credits her success to the principles described in her new book, The Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance, and she firmly believes that financial success and freedom are available to anyone who is willing to apply them. Visit her online at