Honing on like a bee

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Honing on like a bee

Yesterday I had a conversation with Jim Mckelvey, the founder of Square, along with Jack Dorsey (Twitter Founder). It seemed like any other conversation, until the end, when I asked for his opinion about what I am doing.  That's when it struck me.  He could hone in on the crux of the situation like a bee honing on to the hive.  How could he be so clinical in his assessment of the situation? There was no fluff in what he had to say. The trait obviously goes well with his new interest, the venture accelerator: SixThirty.

That is the kind of adviser one needs, if one needs one at all. Some one who will call a spade a spade, and do that quickly, and save you of a heap load of pain. I'd go find one if I did not already have one. It goes a long ways.  We all need people like that in our work and lives. Jack Welch said about Ram Charan, that "he has the ability to distill the meaningful from the meaningless". A child does that really well too - when trying to understand grown up issues. We just don't listen to them. My 9 year old is fantastic at that. She asks the most pertinent questions and keeps me on track with my work. She asks the same question again and again.  Dad, when will you get the magazine to profitability? Of course not that way.  We have our own language.

The point I am trying to make is that all those who are only accountable to themselves need to find someone who can hold them accountable. Someone who questions you and has a vested interest in your success and can sit you down.

For those with new ideas in financial technology, Jim can not only help you with money but more importantly, I think, he makes a great mentor and a coach as well.

Here is the video: