The 10 Essential Elements for Accurate Sales Forecasting: #3 The iDeal

Chris Bijou

The 10 Essential Elements for Accurate Sales Forecasting: #3 The iDeal

Step 1: Understand the 3 Overriding Areas of the 10 Elements

Over the next 10 blogs in this series we will look at 10 basic elements that should be considered as you forecast. But, they are more easily understood if grouped into 3 areas:

#1: Trust

  1. What are the best measures that show they trust you enough to buy?

#2: Movement

  1. What is the current momentum of the deal?

#3: Tangible

  1. What physical evidence can we measure?

Step 2: What is an iDeal? (a deal worth working in the first place)

As we go through each simple element think about why you are having this conversation in the first place. What is a sales process?

                “It’s how

  2. BUILD
  3. a SIMPLE
  5. on why you SHOULD

Notice it doesn’t say, “How your prospect controls if you work together.” You have a say in it too. Not every person who talks to you is good for you to spend time with. The reason we call it opportunity management is that we lose good opportunities when we spend time with inappropriate opportunities. Forecasting isn’t just about how many deals you closed. It’s about:

  1. Understanding where you’re at in the deal
  2. What you need to do to make quick, positive corrections
  3. How to close more deals
  4. How to close better deals

This iDeal sales statement will become more meaningful at the end of the series.