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Blindspots That Destroy The Best Of Us

We make millions of choices in our lifetime. Yet the greatest of all people in the world can be defined by a single choice they made....


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How to Hire the Right People

Jock Purtle, Founder, Digital Exits


Spotting and Supporting Change Makers

Amy Radin, Author, The Change Maker’s Playbook: How to Seek, Seed and Scale Innovation In Any Company

Business Ops.

3 Interview Questions to Hire the Best Job Candidate

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How HR managers can assist CEOs in hiring right persons...

Mostafa Sayyadi, Author, Transformational Leadership: How To Prosper as a Leader In Today's Hypercompetitive Environment


Blind Spot for Leaders: Proactive Recruiting

David Mattson, CEO & President, Sandler Training


Why Can’t Organizations Attract and Retain Talent?

Nancy O’Keefe, Author, Fighting The Talent Battle: How To Update Your Arsenal and Win the War


Want Your Business to Thrive? Make It More Learning-Agile

J.P. Flaum, Managing Partner, Green Peak Partners, and Dr. Becky Winkler, Partner, Green Peak Partners